Suspended Ceilings:

GRF is the installer of extensive ranges of suspended ceilings incorporating everything from plasterboard and superb gypsumplaster moulded ceilings through to the more general exposed and concealed grids, to metal panels and quality fibrous plaster coves,cornices and mouldings. From homes to major commercial projects, we provide fully integrated solutions for structural fire protection, moisture resistance, sound insulation, space division or simply aesthetic demands.

The plasterboard and gypsum plaster moulded suspended ceilings provide a smooth finish to the area. All joints are skim jointed and decorated. The ceiling panels can be chosen from a variety of panels depending on the fire and acoustic property required. There is limited access to the void in this type of suspended ceiling. Apart from concealing services in the ceiling, this system allows for very creative individual designs. Whether it is commercial or residential, the results we achieve are stunning and luxurious. It also allows us to be very creative with the lighting effects. Our quality of work, design and experience is guaranteed to give all our customers the high standards and impact desired.

The grid suspended ceiling is constructed from an exposed grid system with an extensive range of ceiling panels for the client to choose from. Since the access to the ceiling void is through lifting each individual panel, this system is particularly suitable for working areas demanding flexibility of access.

Drywall Partitions:​

GRF can design and install British Gypsum metal stud partitions that provide a high standard of internal finish in all types of buildings. These systems are designed to satisfy the most demanding fire, thermal and acoustic performance requirements and, at the same time, be simple and quick to install. The partition thickness can be 75mm, 100mm, 125mm or 150mm depending upon the required level of acoustic and fire rating. Since these partitions are not load bearing, they are today widely used in most commercial and residential premises. Services are neatly hidden within the partition. Our knowledge in the field allows us to advice the more appropriate system for our clients.

Wall Lining:

Wall Lining may be specified with confidence for application to most masonry backgrounds depending on the condition.

• Where a variable standoff clearance is required between lining and background of between 27 and 125mm.
• Where background is out of true.
• Where insulation is required within the wall-lining void.
• Where deep service runs are required to be accommodated within the lining void.

Wall Lining can accommodate any of the range of plasterboards and cement boards depending on the performance requirements. The boards are fixed onto a lightweight metal framework of “C” Channels fixed to brackets and “U” Channels.

The system can provide a variable standoff from the background of between 27 and 125mm. This makes it capable to override substantial irregularities in the background. The lining void facilitates the introduction of thermal or acoustic insulation and provides containment for service runs.

The system can be applied to the majority of all common building substrates. Pre-treatment of the background is not required. Under good building practice, however, any deleterious deposits, such as mould, oil or grease, should be removed as a precaution.

Our knowledge in the field allows us to advice the more appropriate system for our clients. We can also incorporate the lining to create decorative inserts in walls.

Coves & Cornices:

GRF provides quality fibrous plaster coves, cornices and mouldings.. The mouldings can be either from our standard range or specifically designed and manufactured to tailor them to the individual taste and design of the client. Our in-house experienced installers ensure a perfect finish every time.